Who We Are

Who We Are

Man, with maturity, discovers the reality of life and in the earth he finds himself and the essentiality of life itself.


Accustomed as we are to live in a world where more and more often virtual life overcomes real life, frenzy beats calmness and daily routine stifles creativity, no wonder if we feel the need to go back to essential values. And what is more essential than earth itself?

Cultivating the land takes us back in touch with reality, with the rhythm of the seasons and consequently with a more relaxed lifestyle. That is how our passion for vines began. The word “passion” means both a feeling that dominates and give you energy, (such as the passion for an idea, for art, etc.), and a field to which one devotes himself (such as the passion for sport, for cooking, etc.).

Therefore, the term “passion” refers to something that wins you over, something that captures you*.

While doing some completely different jobs, we got passionate about growing grapes. We prepare the land, plant the vines, take care of them until they grow and offer us their fruits: that’s how “our passion” has become an integral part of our brand.


* Vito Mancuso: The Passion Principle. Garzanti Libri srl, Milan, 2013



Stefania – who gave the name to the winery – works in the field of sport. She voiced her wish to return to a life on a human scale and so she proposed to buy a piece of land.

Gianni – a healthcare professional – thought that this proposal perfectly matched his need to unwind and enjoy genuine country life.

Despite their lack of agricultural experience, they decided to go in together on a new adventure.

Gianni proposed to start a vineyard and, after sharing this idea with their sons Giulio and Alvise, they began the process that led to the production of Picchetto Verde.

A grape-pruning course taught us how to prolong the life of plants; the patent for plant protection products and the patent to use the tractor safely have implemented our knowledge. Also, we were lucky to meet Giovanni, an helpful neighbor who helps us on practical things, as well as a group of friends with whom we share the cheerfulness and conviviality of the harvest.

“E” like


The idea of appreciating real life was put into practice when we actually started to cultivate the land. In our opinion, it is ESSENTIAL that man should be in harmony with nature.

We are even more convinced that devoting your time to the earth means finding an EQUILIBRIUM between body and mind that does usually get lost in our daily obligations. All activities are strictly done by hand, even the simplest ones such as pulling up weeds, removing suckers in spring and topping plants at the peak of growing season.

The vigorous growth and the abundance of vines gave us the ENTHUSIASM to produce Picchetto Verde. In designing the label and the packaging, we wanted to convey the idea of going back to the cultivation and the preservation of our land.