Our Values

Our Values

“Prosecco is a wine produced by many but it is never the same, since each winemaker puts in it his own experience and passion.”

It is indeed thanks to our choices that Picchetto Verde is different from any other wine: we grow grapes for passion, we stick to a traditional cultivation as much as possible and we consider respect for nature and for people’s work as our cornerstones.

Since our vineyard size is approximately two hectares, the result is a small-scale production of sparkling wine – and that’s the dimension we want to maintain. In this way we can guarantee transparency in the process of wine-making, from cultivation to bottling. We would like wine-consumers to know that Picchetto Verde is made exclusively from our high-quality grapes.



Glera (aka: prosecco bianco, serpina, prosecco nostrano) is a white variety of grape, whose clusters are large and long, with golden-yellow berries. It is the basic component of prosecco. Until 2009, Glera was commonly called prosecco but after the establishment of the DOCG Prosecco di

Conegliano-Valdobbiadene – which requires a special protection – the synonym “Glera”was officially chosen so as not to mix up vine and wine. Glera was mentioned for the first time in 1772, in an article written by Francesco Maria Malvolti and published in the magazine Giornale d’Italia.


Since the Middle Ages the name “Marca Trevigiana” referred to the province of Treviso, a border area between the Republic of Venice – which ruled over this territory until its fall in 1797 – and northern Germanic countries. It was the area where the Republic had its wine estates as well as being the place of departure of wine trades along the ancient “Via Alemagna” towards Austria, Central Europe and Germany.

The combination of the fertile soil and the joyful and industrious character of its inhabitants earned it the definition of “Marca Gioiosa”, as it is still called in addition to Marca or Marca Trevigiana.

Many texts and renowned guides attest that the Marca Trevigiana is an historical and well-reputed land of wine. One of the first wine research institutes and wine school in Europe was located precisely in the Marca, allowing the development and spreading of wine culture not only among experts but also among locals.

The reputation of our terroir is also due to the beauty of the landscape and to the geography of the area – the hills with vineyards face southwards, so that they are constantly exposed to light and breeze. This allows the vines to thrive, especially those producing white sparkling fruity wines. The fluvial and sedimentary origin of the lowland’s soil is particularly suited not only to white grape varieties, but also to the rosé and red ones. The result is a perfect balance between aroma and colour intensity.

The Province of Treviso ranks among the first places in Italy for the production of quality wines, with many DOC and DOCG areas, offering a highly diversified and complete range of products. The Marca Trevigiana is located in the heart of Europe, a few hours from the main European capitals.