Picchetto Verde - Prosecco DOC

Picchetto Verde

DOC Prosecco


Picchetto Verde is a DOC Prosecco resulted from the passion our family has always had for our territory, the Marca Trevigiana (i.e. Treviso region). Captured by the beauty of the Venetian thriving countryside, we set up a two hectares Glera vineyard using environmentally-friendly materials and having the utmost respect for nature.

We are committed to cultivating vines in the traditional way: we opt for organic fertilization, we remove under-vine weed with hand tools, we use copper-based products allowed in organic farming, we remove suckers and we top shoots exclusively by hand. The resulting product, Picchetto Verde, is a palatable and pleasant-tasting sparkling wine, with a distinctive trait: it quickly runs out!